The Ozone Laundry Handbook

By Dr. Rip Rice & Marc Debrum

Hardback & Digital Version Available

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Finally a Comprehensive Guide written specifically

for the Proper Application of Ozone in the Commercial Laundry Industry. A “Go-To” Source

for true and accurate information on the uses of

Ozone for commercial laundries.


Dr. Rip Rice, (the Ripper) is the President and CEO of RICE International Consulting Enterprises. He is a renowned author, lecturer, ozone consultant, and cofounder of the International Ozone Association.

Marc Debrum is the Sales Application Engineer and Sales Manager from ClearWater Tech, LLC. He has published numerous articles in The Journal of the International Ozone Association including: “Ozone in the Laundry Industry - Practical Experiences in the United Kingdom”, “Microbiological Benefits of Ozone in Laundering Systems, and Economic & Environmental Benefits of Ozone in Ozone Laundering Systems”.

Other contributions include laundry industry professionals and ozone scientists from around the world.

Authors Marc DeBrum and Dr. Rip Rice autograph books at the 2011 EcoTex Ozone Laundry Conference held in Avila Beach, California.

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